Zurich Classic Gambling Picks and Bets

This week is a bit different than usual. The Zurich Classic has switched to a team format which leads to not having any daily fantasy golf this week. I will instead dive into the gambling world more in depth than I usually do on the site.

I’ve been asked recently by some listeners to share my bets each week so I will attempt to get better at that. I will preface this write up by saying that I am NOT a professional gambler. I’ve done alright for myself in golf betting but I’m far from an expert. There is plenty of great information out online of wonderful tipsters that I follow and use. I do my own research as well and combine my findings with those of others to determine my outright bets each week. I also typically bet head to heads, 3-balls, top 5s, etc.

With the Zurich Classic being a team event my betting will probably be slightly different than usual. I think finding some head to heads will be really fun/interesting and some nice value can be found.

The format will be alternate shot in the 1st and 3rd rounds, and best ball in the 2nd and 4th. There will be a total of 80 teams, and after the 2nd round there will be a cut, down to the top 35 teams.

Focusing in on key stats may not be quite as important as usual but due to format could still come into play.

Driving Distance, Strokes Gained: Approach, Birdie or Better

There aren’t that many truly good pairing this week and the teams at the top are heavily favored. I don’t exactly have a great feel for this and the following 4 pairings are kind of a stab in the dark (the degenerate in me is very proud).

Hideki/Tanihara should be pretty comfortable together and although it’s still a steep price, I can stomach tossing $$ on them. Hideki is one of the best players in the world and Tanihara has shown he’s a solid golfer.

Stricker/Kelly is simply a bet from a tip I heard from Pat Mayo discussing their friendship and liking to play together. I can buy in to feeling comfortable with your partner as a major plus this week.

Smith/Blixt is golfs version of a run/gun offense. Both of these guys can dump in birdies and hopefully they can hang around enough in the alternate shot to have a chance to rack up birds in the best ball.

I don’t have a lot of insight into the Stanley/Ruffels pick aside from wanting to take a stab at these odds considering how well Stanley has been playing. Here’s to hoping Ruffels can carry some weight *gulp*.

Hideki/Tanihara 25/1
Stricker/Kelly 75/1
Smith/Blixt 100/1
Stanley/Ruffels 125/1

I will post up some prob bets as well once the books release them with odds.

Valero Texas Open Recap:

It was not my finest week, with Keegan imploding on Thursday (that’s my own fault) and Luke List stepping on a landmine on Friday. That was hard to see after his solid opening round. Overall I had 1 of 4 LUs I made get 6/6, but only 4/6 made the cut in my $150 LU. However, I had a 4/6 in the $20 do extremely well, due to playing Chappell/Kang/Finau. This at least paid back a nice chunk of my entry fees.

I will finally comment on the weekend slate as well. I’ve played the new slate every week since it was introduced and I’ve managed to cash each time in GPPs. I will continue to play going forward and monitor my success/failures. I may also start dabbling in cash games to see what their cash lines are like.

I also mentioned how I had FanDuels format and won’t play it again, however I had $50 left in my account so instead of just withdrawing I decided to dump it all in this slate (all cash and 1 GPP) and walked away with some profits so I guess I’ll continue playing for at least one more week.


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