NBA DFS Picks, 1-23-16

I started promoting Fantasy Labs recently (on my own accord) and will continue to do so because I think it’s a very beneficial site for DFS players who don’t have a lot of time each day to research. They have all of the key stats in one easy to read place and you can even create your own models (I use this feature and love it)! If you’re going to pay for a service you won’t be able to find many better than Fantasy Labs. I wouldn’t recommend anything I didn’t believe in. I use their site to do the base of my research and create my own models and I believe it can help you too. If you’re interested, click the banner at the top of this article and enjoy!

NBA Cash Core, January 23rd

These are my OVERNIGHT picks – be sure to check for updates and/or any injury news! I’m trying to stay on top of getting my thoughts out the night before due to busy times during the day.

Two cheaper players to fit the studs, but Morris/Allen get consistent minutes and are more than capable of exceeding expectations.

Anthony Davis – PF – 10.7k

Marc Gasol – C – 8.2k

Marcus Morris – SF – 5.1k

Tony Allen – SG – 4.4k or Devin Booker – SG – 4.5k

I’m currently leaning Booker due to Allen’s GTD and Booker has a higher ceiling…but wouldn’t mind playing either.

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