NBA DFS Picks, 1-15-16

NBA Cash Core DFS, January 15th

Again, I apologize for the posts as they will be brief but I don’t run this website for a living so that’s how it will be for the time being. I will try to add full write ups as I can but know that the same amount of research as always is going into these picks.

Russell Westbrook – PG – 10.5k

–Ignore his last game stats, he was ejected after playing only 15 minutes–

Thad Young – PF – 6.9k

Brandon Knight – PG – 6.8k

Zaza Pachulia – C – 6.8k

2 thoughts on “NBA DFS Picks, 1-15-16

    1. Yeah if you go simply by Defense Vs. Position but that doesn’t tell you who that team has been playing…If a team faces Westbrook, Lillard, CP3 all in a short span it will look like they’ve been awful againt PGs, when in reality they faced 3 really good players. Boston typically gives up +1.3 points to opposing PGs. Just didn’t work out last night. I’d play him again for that price in that match up.

      If you could just look at DvP everybody would be rich…Knight had a lot of good things going for him last night, from usage %, minutes, fills up assists as well as points…just doesn’t always work out!


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