NBA DFS Picks, 1-5-16

NBA Cash Core, January 5th

Gross slate and not a lot of wiggle room. Not going to be putting as much at stake as I would on a normal night. Despite the potential blowout factor, it will be tough for me to fade Curry because doing so only left me with a lot of leftover money due to lack of other players I wanted to use. It’s also narrative street day with Rondo! He sure did seem to hate playing in Dallas/for Carlisle. He’d be the top PG play today anyways. Going to be a studs/duds type of day for me.

Going to be traveling a bit in the future so articles will be shorter from time to time. I apologize but know that the same amount of research is going into them. You can also follow me on twitter @axisgranted.

EDIT – Well, Rondo being out screwed up a lot for me.  Pivot to Collison and try to get Boogie in at center.  Sorry for the late update – long day on the road!

Stephen Curry – PG – 10.7k

Rajon Rondo – PG – 7.8k

Khris Middleton – SF – 6.8k

Bobby Portis – PF – 3.9k


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