NBA DFS Picks, 12-23-15

I have never advertised for other sites in my posts but I felt the need to do this for Fantasy Labs. If you’re a busy person and you find it hard to get the time you need to study DFS on a daily basis than Fantasy Labs is exactly what you’re looking for. They have all of the key stats in one easy to read place and you can even create your own models (I use this feature and love it)! If you’re skeptical you can try out their three day trial before fully committing and you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you’re going to pay for a service you won’t be able to find many better than Fantasy Labs. I wouldn’t recommend anything I didn’t believe in. I use their site to do the base of my research and create my own models and I believe it can help you too. If you’re interested, click the banner at the top of this article and enjoy!

NBA Cash Core, December 23rd

As it gets near the holiday the write ups will be more scarce. I’ll be doing a lot of traveling so be sure to follow @axisgranted for all the latest DFS babble. WARNING: I tweet about many things other than sports too – you’ll have to deal with that!

With 13 games on tonight’s slate it will be tough to cash if you have any duds because rosters should be fairly diverse. It will be important to hit on your value plays.

Patrick Beverley – PG – 4.2k/ Jameer Nelson – PG – 4.6k/Tim Frazier – PG – 3.8k

Beverley is probably one of the safest value plays every slate but he provides very little upside. He hasn’t broke 30 yet this season but his lowest output over his last 14 games has been 14 points. He’s gone beyond point expectation in 8 of his L10 and seems to be a lock for between 19-23 points. If you have the extra $400 you can spend up for Jameer in this spot. He’s exceeded expectations in his L9 games and is another safe bet for 20 points but his upside is a bit higher than Beverley’s. It’s not much higher but Nelson has broke 30 twice, approaching 40 in one game. Either way, you should feel safe about obtaining value. Frazier started last game for the injured Lillard and played 45 minutes and put up 31 FPs. I wouldn’t expect those same results but if he’s going to play 35+ minutes it’d be hard for him to not pay off that 3.8k salary. Frazier is coming off the bench!

Thad Young – PF – 7.0k

I’ve been on Young quite a few times this season and I’ll be back tonight in a solid match up against the Mavericks. Dallas is giving up 2.1 more points than expected to PFs this season and I’m projecting close to 35 points tonight. He’s a high floor/high ceiling player who’s been fairly consistent in hitting value this season. He plays over 30 min/gm and his usage is about 22% so he gets his chances and he’s a fairly efficient player with the ball (18).

Tyreke Evans – PG – 7.3k

I love to pick on Lillards defense but Lillard won’t be playing tonight (Booooo!). That’s ok though because I don’t think Frazier is some shut down defender and he may be tired considering he’ll be playing almost 40 minutes (not a bad value play either). Tyreke has been solid since returning from injury. Although he’s had a couple duds, he’s had many more games in the mid 30’s and some into the 40’s. I think he has a great chance to have another 40 FP game tonight against a Trail Blazer’s team that is limping.

LeBron James – SF – 10.4k

I’m very picky when I play LBJ but MAN does he love playing against the Knicks. His buddy Carmelo is over there too and The King needs to let the other stars know who still wears the crown. He just showed off when the Thunder came to town and I believe he’s in for another huge game tonight. He has an extremely high floor and ceiling and his usage rate is still above 30%. In 42 career games vs. the Knicks LBJ’s average FanDuel Points scored would be roughly 49 – I’m expecting a game like this tonight.


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