NBA DFS Picks, 12-9-15

NBA Cash Core, December 9th

It’s a fairly expensive core but I’ll be avoiding Harden tonight so there will be money left over to make a well rounded lineup. I don’t like many of the (current) value picks and that’s why I’m avoiding Harden; not because of his stinker last night. He doesn’t do that often and it’d be stupid that let that change how you view him tonight. I just didn’t like what his salary left me with.

John Wall – PG – 9.2k

Wall is my top play of the night and hopefully he doesn’t tank like last night’s. Yes, Beverley is a great defender but he will be on a back to back and this game has an O/U of 215 – that is far and away the nights highest projected score. Wall plays damn near 40 min/gm and he seems to have found his rhythm. The Wizards offense goes through Wall and his usage is 27%. Houston is a mess but they play quick and there will be a lot of possessions in this game. Wall will be a nice piece to have.

Bradley Beal – SG – 7.4k

Yeah, some people won’t like this. Tough. This game may be the highest scoring on the night and as I mentioned above, the Wizards don’t have a lot of involvement in their offense. Beal’s usages is 24% and like Wall, he plays almost 40 min/gm. I don’t love SG tonight because I don’t trust the higher priced guys but Beal has the ability to score big and will have a decent floor in a run-and-gun type game.

Jeff Teague – PG – 6.8k

Teague hasn’t played in four days and should be well rested for his game against Dallas. He’s played 32 min/gm over his L5 and is averaging 32 FP. He needs 30 FP to hit value tonight and I feel confident he will get there. Dallas isn’t the worst at defending PGs but they do give up 44 FP/gm to the position and with Teague’s minutes and usage (27%) he should be able to get most of those himself.

Gordon Hayward – SF – 6.7k

Like Wall, it appears Hayward has finally found his rhythm as well. Check out his recent play. He has a usage of 24% and over the L5 games he’s averaged 38 minutes and 34 FP. The downside is this will be a lower scoring game but Hayward is the Jazz offense right now (along with Favors). He’s picked his game up, especially since Gobert went down and that should continues against the Knicks. Minutes don’t guarantee production but when you can get a guy for 6.7k who plays near 40 minutes and is one of the top offensive options, you should play him.

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