NBA DFS Picks, 12-8-15

NBA Cash Core, December 8th

Pricing is from FanDuel.

James Harden – SG – 10.8k

You have a fair amount of stars to choose from tonight and I’m going with Harden. He should be in one of the highest scoring games of the night and I believe he has the best match up of the bunch. Harden already gets his points in just about any match up but Brooklyn has been awful defending SGs. With Harden’s minutes and 33% usage he has a ceiling near 60 tonight and a floor near 40.

Derrick Favors – PF – 8.3k

With Gobert out, Favors will continue to have to pick up the slack. The Jazz have a lot of lower scoring, slower games but the Kings should keep the pace up giving Favors more chances than usual. The Kings give up 12% more points than average to PFs and the Jazz are projected to score 102 points. Favors only has a 22% usage on the season but that is increased without Gobert. Everything points to Favors having a really good game tonight.

Thaddeus Young – PF – 6.8k

Young has been extremely consistent over the last 15 games, with only one dud, and he has an excellent match up tonight. Houston has been awfully guarding PFs all season, and with Young getting 34 min/gm he should have plenty of chances to fill up his stat line. His usage is only 22% but this game against Houston is projected to be high scoring and Young should be able to reach 30 FPs once again.

Patrick Beverley – PG – 4.1k

Since returning to the starting lineup Beverley has consistently hit value. He has zero ceiling and you shouldn’t count on a big game from him but you can count on about 20-23 FP. He only needs 16 to hit value and his cheap value will allow you to spend up. As I’ve already mentioned, this game should be high scoring so with his 30 min/gm Beverley should be able to exceed his salary.


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