NFL DFS Picks, Week 10

Week 10 FanDuel and Draftkings Cash Game Targets

(FanDuel Price/Draftkings Price) – Players listed in order of FD price


T. Brady (9.1/8.6)
C. Newton (8.2/7.0)
B. Bortles (7.8/5.6)
D. Carr (7.5/5.8)

– My favorite target for the price.

S. Hill (5.6/5.1)

– Not often you can find a starting QB at minimum pricing, best on FD. Deserves consideration


A. Peterson (8.6/7.1)
D. Murray (7.7/6.2)
D. Williams (7.6/6.5)

– Lock for me this week

D. McFadden (7.0/4.9)


D. Hopkins (8.9/8.7)
A. Brown (8.7/8.8)

– I am worried about L. Jones playing QB this week

J. Edelman (8.0/8.2)
A. Jefferey (7.6/7.1)

– continues to be underpriced

A. Robinson (7.5/6.7)
J. Landry (7.0/6.7)
M. Crabtree (6.4/5.8)

– locked in this week. continues to be underpriced for amount of targets & red zone targets


R. Gronkowski (8.0/8.0)

– GRONK. Enough said.

G. Olsen (6.3/6.3)

– Cam’s favorite (and best) target. Consistent.

T. Eifert (6.2/5.8)

– leads the NFL with 9 TD receptions

J. Reed (5.8/4.6)

– target monster for Kirk Cousins

K. Rudolph (4.7/3.0)

– if you really, really want to punt at TE, has excellent match up

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