NHL DFS Picks, 11-6-15

Daily Fantasy NHL, November 6th

We have an interesting six game slate tonight. There are quite a few poor defensive teams playing so you kind of have your pick of the litter type day. I will probably be playing more GPPs tonight and less cash games than usual.

Dallas Stars

Seguin and Benn are unfadable right now. Just don’t do it. Even if you want to be contrarian, just play one lineup with them. You’ll probably be asking yourself why you didn’t use them in every lineup. Dallas is playing at a fast pace and scoring a lot of goals; a majority by Benn and Seguin. If you can manage to fit Sharp into your lineup with them I’d suggest that as well; he’s not far behind them in scoring chances and he’s been on the ice for a majority of their goals. He’s no longer on a line with Seguin/Benn but he is on the top PP Unit with them. You can spend a little less money if you’d like and play Klingberg and/or Goligoski on the blueline. They all see power play time and produce the most goals and chances on the team (by far).

Pittsburgh Penguins

I was on Pitt the other night and Crosby finally scored again which was nice to see and hopefully that can continue! The Penguins have a lovely match up against the Oilers. The Oilers are middle of the pack in tomorrows slate as far as giving up scoring chances but they do give up a hell of a lot of goals. Malkin has been playing the best over the last five games, and Kessel’s isn’t far behind so I will be targeting the second line tonight. Crosby did finally score again but I’m not impressed with this line mates. Olli Maata is a really cheap defensive option from Pitt as well. He’s on the ice for a lot of goals scored and is part of a fare amount of scoring opportunities.

Carolina Hurricanes

The Hurricanes are playing good possession hockey this season and producing a fair amount of chances but they just can’t burry them. The good news is that they’re facing a Dallas team that is giving up both by the bunches. Dallas is lucky they’ve been scoring because they are ass in the defensive zone. The problem here is the Hurricanes lines are inconsistent, so I’m going to be gamling on the second line of Versteeg/Rask/Gerbe. I grade them slightly higher than the top line due to Jordan Staal being about useless and Lindholm = Gerbe to me. If you’d like, you can combine E. Staal/Versteeg/Rask, with Faulk on the blue line. That may be your best use of Hurricane players. Also – since Dallas is playing Carolina, it could get scary pairing them with Stars players on FanDuel due to negative correlation of +/-…just keep that in mind.

Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago has been producing a fair amount of scoring chances but this is kind of a gut call as well. NJ has been playing very well defensively and not giving up many opportunities. With that said, I have to play Patty Kane tonight. I will be playing him with his current line mates, Anisimov and Teravainen. Kane playing well is bringing them all up on the stat sheet and Teravainen can burry pucks as well. It’s not a large roll of the dice because Kane is a super star but it’s not the best match up and I’m hoping to catch this line when it’s lower owned than usual.

Non GPP Cash Core

As I stated, I won’t be playing much cash lineups tonight but below will be the core of what I build.

W – J. Benn
W – D. Larkin
W – T. Hall
D – Klingberg

All these players are in good match ups tonight, on lines that produce a high amount of scoring chances, and score the most on those chances. Benn isn’t cheap but playing Larkin will free up some cap space.



  • Just wondering why is it that you don’t play cash lineups on shorter slates? I seem to have better luck with short slates in cash.


    • It’s more of a crap-shoot with higher ownership of the obvious plays. I feel I lose a bit of an edge when the player pool is smaller…more players to choose from, the bigger advantage I have, imo. I still play on smaller slates just not as heavily.


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