NFL DFS Picks, Week 9

NFL Cash Targets For FanDuel and Draftkings

FanDuel & Draftkings (FD pricing/DK pricing)


P. Rivers (8.6k/6.9k) – Chargers lack a run game and Rivers is throwing almost minimum, 40+ times/week. Positive match up.
C. Newton (7.9k/too much) – The Panthers don’t pass much, but Newton has a nice floor being part of the run game. GB just diced up by Denver
D. Carr (7.0k/5.5k) – Too cheap for the way he’s playing and gets to face a poor Steelers pass defense.
J. Winston (6.7k/5.2k) – Did you just see what Brees did to the Giants secondary? Winston is no Brees but he’s been consistent and NYG give up 4th most points to QBs


Devonta Freeman (8.9k/8.0k) – Sure, he hasn’t broke 30 in two games, but he’s still used a lot in the offense, has a huge ceiling and is facing a D that just got gashed by Todd Gurley. SF gives up 2nd most points to RBs.
M. Ingram (7.7k/6.5k) – Ingram has got a steady 14-18 touches per game and with Khiry going down he should get 5+ more. Tough match up but the offense may be clicking after last week.
C. Ivory (7.5k/5.9k) – Almost a lock for 15+ touches and he has a great match up against Jacksonville.
D. McFadden (6.5k/4.3k) – McFadden is the main guy right now, getting 20+ touches in each game he’s started. Volume dictates consideration here.
D. Williams (6.5k/5.5k) – Filled in well for Bell during his suspension and should get sizable volume.
R. Hillman (6.4k/4.6k) – Gave up some carries to Anderson but he looked excellent against GB.
J. Langford (6.4/4.0k) – Dependant upon status of Matt Forte


Julio Jones (9.2k/9.3k) – He’s really pricey, especially on DK but if you have the salary he’s worth every penny. When he’s not injured he’s a beast and the top target in the NFL.
D. Thomas (8.4k/7.5k) – Thomas is the top target for Manning, and gets plenty of them. His TDs are low, but with 8+ receptions and 100 yards he still obtains his value.
J. Edelman (8.0k/8.2k) – Another heavy target in the best offense in the NFL. Edelman is in play every week due to volume of targets and usage on any part of the field.
A. Jeffery (7.9k/6.7k) – Jeffery is one of the best WRs in the NFL but he’s not priced like it (yet). I’ve used him the last two weeks and I’ll be on him again and again until his price matches his talent. Pure and simple, he’s great value.
E. Decker (6.3k/5.3k) – This could be a bit scary if Geno is QB for the Jets but he has a positive match up and has scored a TD in every game but one this season. As you can see I’ll be spending up at WR but Decker could be a solid cheap target.


R. Gronkowski (8.5k/8.0k) – I’m not sure an explanation is needed. He’s a beast and easily the best at his position. If you can save elsewhere, Gronk is never a bad option.
G. Barnridge (6.6k/4.8k) – Gary has come out of nowhere but he’s been the most consistent receiving threat for the Browns all season. 6 straight double digit point games, with 6 TDs over the course of those games.
J. Reed (5.7k/4.5k) – When Reed is healthy he’s a beast and a favorite target of Kirk Cousins. Due to salary, Reed will most likely be my TE this week in my cash games.

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