NHL DFS Picks, 10-30-15

Daily Fantasy Hockey Picks, October 30th

1. Montreal Canadiens

Montreal just keeps scoring (and winning) and they have another great match up tonight against Calgary. I know they played last night but Calgary is one of the worst possession teams in the NHL right now so let’s try and take advantage! My main targets will be Gallagher/Plekanec/Pacioretty.  I doubt I’ll have enough salary to get Subban on the blue line but I will add Jeff Petry.

2. Washington Capitals

Columbus has turned the corner (a bit) from their horrid start but the Capitals are a buzz saw right now. Ovechkin/Kuznetsov/Oshie have a combined 28 points in eight games. The Blue Jackets have only given up less than three goals ONE time this season; against a low scoring Devils team. Load up on the Caps top line and if you can, spend up for Carlson on the blue line.

3. Boston Bruins

The Bruins are tied for 3rd with 33 goals scored this season.  David Krejci is on a tear, having scored 14 points through eight games. Honestly, this isn’t a great match up against Florida; the Panthers have only given up 18 goals this season, but I’m riding a hot team tonight.  I’m sure Krejci will have decent ownership but I’ll be combining him with Eriksson and Pastranak (keep your eyes open, the top line could change before the puck drops but this combo has played together the most over the last three games).

Cash Core

W – Panarin
W – Ovechkin
C – Krejci
D – O. Ekman-Larsson

G – Holtby, Lundqvist, Ward/Johnson (value) **MAKE SURE GOALIES ARE STARTING BEFORE LU LOCK**



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