NHL DFS Picks, 10-17-15

Daily Fantasy Hockey Picks, 10/17/15

1. Tampa Bay Lightning

This is a no brainer.  I will be going in hot and heavy with the top line of Drouin/Stamkos/Callaghan.  You can use the triplets (Palat/Johnson/Kucharov) as well but they just haven’t quite clicked yet this season so I’ll be going a majority with the first line.  Dourin is leading the team in points and Stamkos has four goals in five games.  I expect them to connect on at least one goal today on the power play.

2. Calgary Flames

I love picking on the Oilers so I’ll be all over the Flames top line tonight.  Gaudreau/Monahan/Hudler have a combined 11 points in four games played and there won’t be much defense in their way tonight.  It wouldn’t hurt to get a piece of the Flames blue line as well; Wideman/Hamilton/Giordano – although they aren’t cheap.  I’d target the top line before saving money for the defensemen.

3. Chicago Blackhawks

My third team today could have been a number of different teams but I’m going with the Blackhawks.  I’m going to be using mainly their second line (which is more like a 1a & 1b).  Panarin and Kane have been playing great hockey this season and you’ll get a piece of Toews because Kane plays on the top PP Unit with him.


I honestly don’t have the slightest clue as to who will be starting at this current time, but essentially you should aim to play a goalie from the teams above I’m targeting.  I will assume Holtby starts for Washington (bc he rarely gets a day off) and Fluery for the Penguins – they are also great choices if you have the salary space.

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