NHL DFS Picks, 10-15-15

Daily Fantasy Hockey Picks, 10/15/15

Yesterday was not a good day for goalies (unless you faded the popular picks).  My Draftkings LUs didn’t return any wins for me but luckily Ottawa was able to carry two LUs to cash for me on FD (thank you Karlsson).  Tonight we have some tough match ups with high powered offenses.  I’m taking some chalk and some dogs, so let’s see how this goes!

1. Ottawa Senators

How can I ignore the Senators? They’ve been so kind to me this early season so I’ll give them another run, despite the match up.  They are playing on b2b nights but their top line has been insane.  Even if the Senators only score two goals tonight there is a great chance that the top line scores both of them.  You can count on me having a nice amount of shares of Stone/Turris/Hoffman.

2. Tampa Bay Lightning

You could play either team in this matchup but I’ll go with Tampa. Stamkos is one of the top two most prolific scorers in the league and I don’t trust Dallas on the backend.  This should be a highly entertaining game with the lamps being lit on both sides.  It was tough not going Seguin/Benn here but I think it’s still great value getting Drouin paired with Stamkos.

3. St. Louis Blues

I have to pick on the Oilers.  You could go Florida here as a 3b selection but I trust the Blues offense more than the Panthers.  I’ll be mainly attacking with Steen/Stasty/Tarasenko but you could run the second line as well.  Again, the Oilers offense may improve this season but the will still give up a lot of goals.  The Blues have scored at least three goals in their first three games this season, including a 3-1 victory over Edmonton is game 1.  I think they reach four tonight.


I’d like to target Luongo on FD; I like his price and the match up. Despite the hot start for Arizona I wouldn’t mind playing Dubnyk and I’d also be looking at whoever St. Louis starts. If Elliot starts for STL he’s a steal at $8,300.


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