NCAA Week 7 DFS Picks

Daily Fantasy CFB Picks, Week 7

Despite a goose egg from my TE last week, I was able to put up 157 points and take home some cash (see below article for full roster results). This week there are not nearly as many high O/Us on the early slate but there is still plenty of firepower and value to be found.

This Week’s Lineup

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 9.08.04 AM





Falk is a very safe cash play and he’s not super expensive.  He has a huge ceiling and a high floor due to the pass first nature of the Cougars offense.  He tossed over 500 yards last week and he could eclipse that against against a poor Oregon State defense. The Beavers are giving up 7.5 yards/attempt.  WSU typically throws the ball 40-50 times per game – you do the math!

Henry is my first play RB. Alabama has to win this game and they will be focused in the spotlight.  Henry has scored a TD in every game this season (including a few multi-TD games) and the Aggies are giving up 192 yards/gm on the ground. He has big game ability and is underpriced. Sign me up.  Ogunbowale is my value/RB #2 this weekend. Wisconsin is facing a dreadful Purdue rush d and the rest of the Badgers backfield is banged up. Dare is in line to get 20+ touches and has a great chance to find the end zone. I was able to save more money by transitioning to Brown at WR so I upgraded to Langer as my other RB. He has an extremely high floor and is super consistent.  He should be able to tear up ECU in a high scoring game.

Grant/Williams are easily choices to explain.  They are both part of high powered, past first offenses.  Texas Tech may score 45 points in the first half and it won’t take much for Grant to pay off his cheap salary for the talent.  He’s easily a $7500 WR.  Williams is a nice pair with Falk, even though it is a cash lineup.  Falk passes enough where Williams will have ample opportunities to obtain value and find the end zone. Sherfield is a bit of a stretch, but he’s the Commodores top option at WR and they are facing a dumpster fire in South Carolina. He’s averaging almost 7 catches per game and if he reaches this number against SC he should pay off his price. I decided to go for a better value play in Trevon Brown. ECU will most likely be behind most of the day, and throwing to make up for it.  Brown has 14 receptions over the last three games, including a TD in each game. At $4700 he has a better shot at paying off his salary than Sherfield so I made the switch.

I typically punt at TE but Mills is easily the top option at the position and was only $3300.  He missed a couple games to start the season but since then has been a force.  It’s not worth taking a risk on a lower tier TE when the separation is so vast.


Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 2.35.49 PM


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