NHL DFS Picks, 10-14-15

Daily Fantasy Hockey Picks, 10/14/15

Yesterday was a bit of a mixed bag with results but I was able to cash some GPPs and did better on Draftkings than on FanDuel.  The Rangers just couldn’t burry enough pucks and Dallas’ second line (particularly Spezza) was the line to have.

1. Ottawa Senators

I have no reason to stop going back to this well so for the time being consider them a lock for me.  This top line’s chemistry is just impressive so until FanDuel and Draftkings raises their prices I have to have a piece each night they play. Stone/Turris/Hoffman are the main targets as usual but the second line of MacArthur/Zibanejad/Ryan isn’t a bad play either. Columbus has been giving up goals left and right this season so I’m hoping the Senators can pop in four or five tonight.

2. Anaheim Ducks

I do love seeing Getzlaf and Perry on a line together; it’s also nice when their line mate is super cheap (Sekac). It’s early but surprisingly enough the Coyotes have only given up two goals in two games but I think that will change tonight. Getzlaf and Perry playing together is a ticking time bomb of production.  Hopefully that lightning strikes tonight.

3. Colorado Avalanche

This is what I was expecting last season from the Avalanche – offense. 11 goals in two games and the second line has produced a majority of that scoring.  I’ll going back to MacKinnon/Landeskog/Tanguay tonight as Boston comes to town. I watched the Bruins against Tampa the other day and I was not impressed. Their defense was a mess and Rask did not look to be his usual self. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Rask will get a day off (I doubt that) but either way I’ll be loading up the second line.


On a small slate sometimes it’s difficult to get a solid tender but because of how cheap most of my targets are I should be able to target Varlomaov and Freddy Andersen (if he starts). Crawford is also a decent choice facing the Flyers.  If you’re looking for cheap your only options will be Smith (against Dallas) or Neuvirth (against Chicago)…that’s scary.



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