NHL DFS Picks, 10-13-15

Daily Fantasy Hockey Picks, 10/13/15


1. Dallas Stars

Best matchup of the night so I will be having shares of Seguin and Benn. They are pricey so you will have to get creative with the rest of the lineup. You could ride the second line with Spezza/Sharp as well.  I’d rather have Benn/Seguin but if you want to save cash and still get quality forwards Spezza/Sharp are fine choices.  I will mix in Klingberg on the blueline as well.  He likes to shoot the puck and is on the #1 PP Unit.

2. St. Louis Blues

It’s pricey, but I’m going back to Steen/Stastny/Tarasenko. This is a powerhouse line and all three guys can burry the puck; I like that for GPPs.  It will be tough to stack another top line with them so you’ll need to search around for a solid line 2, or take a chance on a cheaper, lower producing line 1 (perhaps Florida).

3. Nashville Predators

Although I will target the Preds a little bit on DK, this is primarily a FanDuel play. I like Nashville against NJ and I anticipate them notching three goals.  I’ll be targeting Forsberg/Ribiero/Neal, and perhaps put Wilson in a LU or 2.  Seth Jones continues to be underpriced for the blueline as well.

3. New York Rangers

After reviewing todays games further I’ve made a slight change and will be keying in on the Rangers more heavily than the Predators.  I’m still not thrilled that I can’t stack Detroit’s top line but Nash and company should be able to pour in some goals tonight against the Jets.  It’s going to be tough and you may have weak defensemen and a poor goalie but it could be worth the risk.  Brassard and Zucs aren’t super expensive so it can be done.

4. Detroit

I have Detroit listed as 4th because I would love to use Larkin with Zetterberg and/or Abdelkader but for some reason he’s missing from the player pool on FanDuel.  Maybe they realized how inaccurately priced he was? Either way it’s incredibly strange and disappointing.  However, he is on Draftkings so I will be using the Red Wings top line more on DK than the Predators.


No news is out yet, but if you’re looking for cheap Al Montoya may get the start. Florida will be playing the second game of a b2b and Bobby Lou typically didn’t start both games of b2b’s last season.  He’s a cheap option with a decent matchup; I’d advise this only if you need the salary. I’m not sure you can do it with the lines I like tonight, but Rinne is my top play and I like Niemi facing Edmonton as well (if he starts).



2 thoughts on “NHL DFS Picks, 10-13-15

  1. Hey, thanks ya im going heavy Wings, they are red hot. I agree I was just talking to a friend about larkin not on the duel very strange.


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