NHL DFS Picks, 10/9/15

Daily Fantasy Hockey Picks, 10/9/15

Oh my, what could have been. Yesterday was a really good day bringing in nice profits but they could have been even nicer had Colorado not given up four goals in five minutes letting people with Wild players pass me.  I was in first place of 3 GPPs but faded a bit, managing to win one on Draftpot and still take down a nice chunk of change on FanDuel and Draftkings.  I hope everybody else was able to capitalize on yesterday’s picks as well!

We have a solid five game slate tonight so let’s get into what I’m looking at.

1. Detroit Red Wings

Honestly, until the give me a reason not to, I will continue to pick on the Maple Leafs.  Not to mention, don’t you think the Wings are going to play just a little harder with Babcock returning to Detroit? Their first two lines are solid options and I’m going to risk the 1st more than the 2nd.  Larkin showed a great spark in the preseason and Hank/Abdelkader have great chemistry.  I can sprinkle in some Tatar, Richards, and Nyquist as well.

2. L.A. Kings

They were disappointing opening night but I feel the need to pick on Arizona. I’m going to stick with their top line due to what I saw in game one.  Kopitar/Gaborik had the most minutes of any forwards and I assume that will be the case again. Lucic played almost 5 minutes less than his line mates but I’ll roll him out again.  I’ll also be trying to get some shares of Doughty on the blue line, salary permitting.

3. Chicago Blackhawks

Another tough call for me here and I almost went with the Jets.  I’d like to use their 1st and 2nd lines but I believe I’m going to go heaviest on their top line.  There is value in Teuvo and he looked to be gelling nicely with Hossa and Toews.  Plus, I can get some exposure to Kane because Toews plays on the 1st PP Unit with him.


I’m not completely sure which goalies are starting, but due to price alone I will most likely be looking at Howard, Pavelec, Hutchinson (starting for WPG) and Schneider.  I don’t believe I’ll have enough to spend up at goalie tonight and there are some good offenses going.  If you can afford Quick, I’d run him against Arizona.  Schneider will be hard pressed to get a win but he was tremendous at home last season and should get pelted tonight. Howard is kind of risky but Detroit should win that game.

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Currently traveling the world for leisure and work, but originally from Michigan. I'm a avid sports fan and daily fantasy sports player; my favorites being Golf, NFL, and NHL.

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