NHL DFS Picks – 10/8/15

Daily Fantasy Hockey Picks, 10/8/15

The Canadiens and Canucks came through in a big way for me leading to a nice opening night of NHL DFS. The Kings were putrid but that’s how it goes sometimes.  MTL/VAN came through with enough firepower to lead to profits on DK and FD.  After what I would say was a successful night one, onward we go.

We have our first larger slate of the season which should open up some nice line stacks and keep ownership levels lower than those four game nights.  Again tonight, I’m going a bit chalky.

1.Tampa Bay

As a whole the Lightning were a scoring machine last season and I don’t think much will change this year. The best part is you can target their first and second line and not worry about losing any of that fire power.  In fact their second line was more product last season, overall. I’ll be targeting mainly Drounin/Stamkos/Callaghan tonight with some Palat/Johnson/Kucherov.  Drounin is amazing value at $4400 playing along side Stamkos, and he’s super talented and will get his share of goals.

2. St. Louis

The Blues were a force last season and they get to open the season against Edmonton.  Edmonton may be improving (I say that every year) but it won’t happen over the summer.  The Blues are a superior team and should take advantage of a week Oilers blueline.  I’ll be targeting Steen/Statsny/Tarasenko.  That is a powerful first line and they will see plenty of PP time as well together.

3. Ottawa

I struggled picking the third team for tonights slate and I was really close to putting Dallas here (I may roll some Stars tonight).  I settled on Ottawa because they get to face Buffalo, a team many picked on last season.  The Senators started rolling near the end of last year and I’ll try to capitalize on a quick start. Hoffman/Turris/Stone have some great chemistry and should be able to net a couple goals amongst the three of them tonight.


There are a lot I like tonight but Brian Elliot and Craig Anderson are my two favorite.  Many starters haven’t been 100% confirmed yet either so be on the lookout throughout the day.  You could roll Varlamov as well as a slight contrarian play.  He’s an absolute beast and could steal a win for Colorado against Minnesota.

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Currently traveling the world for leisure and work, but originally from Michigan. I'm a avid sports fan and daily fantasy sports player; my favorites being Golf, NFL, and NHL.

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