NHL DFS Picks – 10/7/15

Daily Fantasy Hockey Picks, 10-7-15

The opening day of the NHL season is upon us.  If you haven’t already, you can check out my NHL DFS Strategy Guide, which I go over the basics of setting up a cash game lineup. Also, here is a link to two my GPP victories last season. I share those not to brag (although I am proud) but to show that I’m not simply pulling things from the air for the sake of writing a blog. I indeed play with the info I provide, and hope other may benefit as well.

If you haven’t read my previous NHL DFS articles, what I typically do is list the specific players/lines that I’m targeting on a specific night.  Rarely do I give out my exact lineup like I do with NFL and CFB because I mainly play GPPs and sharing an exact lineup could potentially hurt my bottom line even more. I will however occasionally share cash game lineups on the big slates. Even so, I have numerous comments/emails letting me know the info I share has been greatly appreciated and helpful so I will continue the articles the same way I did last season.

The opening slate is only four games but I’m going to be targeting three different teams and mixing them together.

1. Montreal Canadiens

This is the classic stack against the Maple Leafs.  I don’t think Babcock was able to turn an awful team into a good team over a summer.  Montreal was a middle of the pack scoring team last season and Toronto was awful on defense. I’m targeting the top line of Pacioretty/Plekanec/Gallagher. It’s nice of the Canadiens to have all of their best scorers on one line.  In a couple lineups I’ll also have Subban.  He’s a high ceiling defender who loves to shoot the puck.

2. L.A. Kings

The Kings at home are typically a force to be reckoned with.  I’ll try to take advantage of that in game one.  The hard part is picking which line to focus on.  I’m going to start with Lucic/Kopitar/Gaborik. Kopitar and Gaborik seem to play their best hockey at home so I’m hoping to capitalize on that.  Kopitar is a great setup man and a couple assists to Gabs is possible.  Doughty is also a great blueline target, providing 46 points last season (playoffs included).

3. Vancouver Canucks

I almost went Calgary but decided to try and take advantage of the Sedins ability to rack up points together on the same line, especially if Vrbrata plays with them (It appears Vrbrata is not on their line, similar to last year but he should play the PP with them. I have no hesitation stacking them together).  Vrbrata finished the season with 31 goals and the Sedins had 55 and 56 assists each.  That’s a solid combo for scoring, and they should be on the top PP unit as well.


I do believe with the pricing on FD and DK you should be able to make some nice combos and be able to start Price or Quick in some LUs.  I would personally stay away from Canucks, Calgary, and Sharks tending unless you’d like to be contrarian (but I’m targeting places facing them so I won’t be using them anyways). Obviously, Price will be the most popular but for good reason.  He’s a God between the pipes.

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Currently traveling the world for leisure and work, but originally from Michigan. I'm a avid sports fan and daily fantasy sports player; my favorites being Golf, NFL, and NHL.

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