NFL Week 4 Picks Against The Spread – 5 Best Bets

Last Week’s Results: 3-2, Click Here For Week 3 Article

Season Record: 8-7

I make five picks a week, similar to the Las Vegas Super Contest.

This Week’s Picks:

Arizona Cardinals -6.5
Carolina Panthers -3
New York Giants +6
Houston Texans +6.5
Detroit Lions +9.5

Cardinals: Let’s get the largest favorite out of the way.  As soon as I saw this line I knew it would be one of the squarest bets on the board – yet I took it anyways.  I have a feeling it will cross seven and I wanted less than a TD.  I had Zona pegged at -8. The Rams offense is putrid and I’m not sure they’ll cross 14 points.  I am however confident Arizona will reach at least 24.  I’ll be on the square side of this one.

Panthers: My other square bet. Cam Newton is playing as well as ever with limited weapons and I don’t see how the Buccs are going to slow him up. The Buccs also can’t score and the Panthers defense should be able to take care of young Jameis. I have the Panthers at closer to -5.5/6.  Vegas must love me for taking these.

Giants: Buffalo is the little darling of the league right now with Tyrod Taylor looking awfully impressive. After whooping on Miami, they return home to face the Giants. I’ve been impressed but not quite enough to be giving a TD to NY.  The Giants aren’t going to win the SB but they are a tough team.  Eli should have success through the air and I think he keeps it below a TD difference.

Texans: I’ve been burned by Atlanta this season and I find myself against them again.  Sure, they’ve been playing well but they haven’t blown anybody out and need a nice comeback to beat a Dallas team missing Romo and Dez.  Mallet is coming around and the Falcons secondary is the worst in the league. They may even get Foster back.  Falcons may win this game but I think Houston can keep it around a FG at worst.

Lions: This one hurts, doesn’t it? The Lions have been pretty dreadful and the whole country saw it Sunday night.  Now they travel to Seattle.  I don’t think they will win but 9.5 is an awful lot to give an NFL team.  The Lions have offensive weapons and talent they just haven’t used it much this season. There aren’t many points expected in this game and if the Lions can get to 17 points, I think that will be enough to cover the spread.  I’ll take my chances on Stafford waking up against the toughest defense in the league.  It always happens when you least expect it in the NFL.


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