Week 1 NFL DFS Picks – FanDuel

NFL Wk1 LUIt feels so great writing an NFL DFS article.  I’m looking forward to another great NFL season and sharing my thoughts along the way.  The lineups I will be posting are geared towards cash games such as 50/50s and Head to head matches.

Taylor is simply a value play.  Anything over 12 points and he was worth the play.  I think he gets to at least 15 with the help of his running ability even if he only finds the endzone once.  If Indy builds a lead (which they easily could) the Bills will be passing.  Lock him in.

There were a couple different options I was toying with at RB but I think this combo of Lacy/Hill was the best pairing that left me some money for WR.  Both are top five options in week one and have elite talent and upside.  GB could use Lacy heavily if they trounce the Bears and the Raiders are not a formidable opponent for Hill.  Both RBs also get goal line carries.

Julio was my #1 target.  How much of an improvement did Philly really make this off season on defense? Is Maxwell going to be the same without the rest of the LOB behind him? Julio is matchup proof to begin with and Ryan loves looking for him on deep routes.  I love Matthews at 6.8k.  The Eagles offense should have no issues tearing up the Falcons secondary and Jordan should be the #1 for Bradford.  I’m expecting double digit targets and points.  My 3rd WR choice of  AJ Green was simply to get another elite player.  Sure, if the Bengals offense struggles I could be in for it but I really don’t think that will happen.  AJ is another top end, big play wideout with 30 point potential and a high floor.  The Raiders secondary won’t be able to handle him all game.  I’ve since made a few roster adjustments. I like’ big play abilities against the Ravens and I’ll take the Eagles WR #2, Agholor, in what should be a high scoring game against a poor secondary.  These moves allowed for an upgrade at TE.

Some people like to go higher at TE but I’m going to roll out Watson.  We all know Jimmy G. is an elite talent but I still feel like Brees will be looking for this TE in the red zone.  The Saints coaching staff can say whatever they want about wanting to run the ball more but at the end of the day their QB is Drew Brees and they’ll be passing the ball. Richard Rodgers will be my choice.  He has the best QB in the game tossing him the ball and the Bears were awful guarding TE’s last season.  Green Bay should put some points up in this game and Rodgers will get his fair share of looks in the red zone.

And K/DST I slot in who I can fit with money left over.  McManus is on a good offensive team and the Dolphins are facing the Redskins who are a mess right now.  Really you’re just looking for anything around 10 points from each of these positions.


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