Hanging Up The Skate For 2014-15 Season

It’s that time.  The playoffs have been pretty cruel to me.  I typically don’t like 4 game slates during the season and seeing how that’s the max I’m going to get now, I’ve made the choice to end NHL for this season.  It’s been a very profitable season and I hope that I’ve helped so people make some money along the way.

I appreciate the thank you emails I’ve received and we will be back at it next season for an even better run.  I made the switch to being a GPP Only player in the NHL back in February and since then I managed to win 2 GPPs and multiple other top 10 finishes.  But, with such a limited pool and games, my edge seems to be gone so I will go with it.  There is currently money to be made in baseball and golf, and that’s where my focus will be for now.

Again, thank you to my readers, and good luck with the rest of the season and your other sports!

– Bryan


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