NBA DFS Picks, 4-19-15

Another four game playoff slate offers up some great choices for today.  We can finally even target Hawks players and not have to truly worry about who’s getting rested and who’s getting minutes!

Point Guard:
Chris Paul: He’s my top play at PG today and will likely have a pretty high ownership.  He’s averaged 45 FP against the Spurs this season and the game should be close, so I’m thinking Paul will see close to, if not over, 45 minutes. He’s scored over 40 FP in 9 of his L10 and his ceiling is in the 60’s.
Jeff Teague: It’s hard to judge him off recent play because he has hardly been seeing over 30 minutes, but in two games against Brooklyn this season Teague has averaged 38 FP, which would be great for his price if he hit that today.  His floor should be 30 and he has a ceiling near 50.
Mike Conely: He’s currently questionable but he should play and Conely seems to get lost in the cloud.  He’s faced Portland three times this season and he’s averaged 43 FPPG against them.  Lillard is a horrible defender and Conley is worth taking considering his price.  He’d be great to pair with Chris Paul.

Shooting Guard:
SG is gross today and leaves a lot to be desired and I’ll be mainly targeting Kyle Korver and Joe Johnson, with some CJ McCollum sprinkled in if his ankle is ready to go.  But that game is at 8PM so news may not be known so proceed with caution on FanDuel playing McCollum.  Korver has a great matchup and will be getting near 40 minutes.  In four games against Brooklyn this season, Korver has averaged just about 1 FP/Min which bodes well for today.  Joe Johnson has been inconsistent but it’s playoff time and he should step his game up.  Joe will probably see 40 minutes and he has a decent ceiling in the mid 40’s.

Small Forward:
LeBron James: It’s playoff time and LBJ will be a force.  He averaged 44 FPPG against Boston this season, despite averaging only 30 min/gm while playing Boston. He is my top SF option and I will have a fair amount of exposure to him.  Boston has been playing well so hopefully they keep it close and LBJ racks up minutes (Cleve is -12).
Kawhi Leonard: He’s scored over 30 FP in 9 of his L10 games and he’s a great play tonight.  He has a plus matchup tonight and he’s averaged 37 FP/GM in three games against the Clippers this season.
Bojan Bogdanovich: He’s my punt option today.  He’s not a great punt option, but there really aren’t many this time of year unless an injury occurs.  He’s been getting minutes and it’s hard to project but for his price he’s worth a punt if you want to try and fit Lebron and Chris Paul into the same LU.

Power Forward: 
Blake Griffin: Griffin is easily the top PF option and he’s averaged 48 FPPG in three meeting with the Spurs.  SA is old and they just can’t defend his athleticism.  If you have the money to spend up, Griffin is a great choice.
Tim Duncan: Old Man Tim has been surging. He’s averaged 38 FP in three games against the clippers this season and his minutes should be up. For his price, Tim is a solid play today.
Thaddeus Young: Young has a great matchup against Atlanta and he’s played very well against them, averaging 35 FPPG in four meetings this season.  If you’re looking to save at PF, Young is a great option.

There is quite the drop off in Center today with no real “mid-tier”.  On FanDuel it goes from 7100 to 4900.  So you’re either spending some money or punting.  If I’m spending money I’m looking at Marc Gasol, DeAndre Jordon, and Al Horford.  If I’m punting, I’m avoiding Robin Lopez and looking at Timofey Mozgov or Tiago Splitter (if he plays).  Spurs could offer a min. salary punt option if Splitter can’t go (Aron Baynes would likely start at C).

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