NHL DFS Picks, 4-11-15

It’s the last day of the regular season and EVERYBODY is playing, though some have more to play for than others. It will be interesting to see what the late teams do, depending on the results of the afternoon games.  I will be ignoring the afternoon games and I don’t like the tournament selection – SO, the following is being written assuming nobody major will be resting…

You can scratch most of what I wrote, considering Detroit is resting DATS/ZETTY and Dallas is already resting SEGUIN.

Tread lightly, today…

GPP Line Stack Targets:

1. Penguins: The Penguins, especially depending upon what happens with Ottawa will have to/want to win. They also have the luxury of facing Edmonton.  They will be highly owned but you gotta have a piece of this pie. I’ll be rolling with most exposure to the top line of Winnik/Crosby/Hornqvist.  Malkin is on the coldest of streaks and he will have to score to win a GPP so I won’t be nearly as exposed to him if he continues to be Mr. Freeze. The Pens will be super motivated to win this game.

2. Red Wings: It gets tricky because there are a few teams I could slot here, but I’m going Detroit – specifically Datsyuk/Zetty/Helm.  I’ll sacrifice playing them both at C. They play so well together and since being reunited they picked up where they left off.  Carolina may come out flat and despite Detroit’s recent play, the pressure of making the playoffs is lifted, but they still want to stay ahead of Ottawa for 3rd place in the division.

3. Stars: I guess I’m going for broke here because they don’t have much to play for, but that hasn’t stopped Jamie Benn from making a run at the Art Ross trophy.  I’m thinking the team will play hard to help him get it and he is just rolling right now.  With such a huge slate I’m taking a guess he won’t be too highly owned with so many other matchups but I’ll take the risk – I’m shooting for the moon on the last day.

Honorable Mentions: Tampa and Vancouver…they were both close and honestly, if Vancouver plays the Sedins, I’ll probably bump Vancouver in for Detroit.  The Sedins are rolling and if they have something to play for I’d like to have them in LU’s.

There are SO many options and I’m sure a bunch of backups will be starting so tune in to Dailyfaceoff.com and make sure your guy is starting.  I’ll just be looking for somebody who fits in with my leftover salary.

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