NHL DFS Picks, 4-8-15

It’s another small slate in the NHL tonight and I’m not going to get fancy or have a lot of lineups.  Like a couple nights ago I’m sticking to stacking from only two teams – Blue Jackets and Stars.  Blue Jackets are an obvious choice facing the Maple Leafs and Dallas is facing one of the best teams in the league but I’m hoping to take advantage of their top scorers.  It’s a bit contrarian on a small day but I’m willing to take the chance rather than fight the masses who will have Blue Jackets/Ducks as a majority of their lineups.

  1. Columbus Blue Jackets: I’m going to be targeting their second line of Anisimov/Dubinsky/Foligno.  I’ll roll some of Jenner/Johansen/Atkinson but I think the second line gives me the highest ceiling amongst all three players and I get exposure to Foligno, who is having a career year and will want to keep that going.  Both should have plenty of opportunities tonight against the horrid Maple Leafs.
  2. Dallas Stars: No getting fancy here, I only want to deal with their top line of Benn/Seguin/Eaves.  Benn and Seguin could go off for a 3 point game at any time and Eaves is super cheap on their RW and has played well when on the top line.  Eaves is also great salary relief allowing me to spend more than usual on my blueline and goalie.

Another benefit of targeting these teams is the salary relief so I can target some of the expensive goalies tonight and not get stuck playing one of the cheaper guys that my team would be shooting on.  I should also be able to get a solid blueline core and not have to scrape the bottom of the barrel.  On a small night, I don’t mind taking a shot on a small core of players.  It’s worked out well much of the season so no need to change strategy now.

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