NHL DFS Picks, 4-3-15

After a few nights of breaking even in the GPP’s, last night was awesome.  Not only did the chalky Kings hit, the Panthers top line hit in a HUGE way.  Hopefully we can replicate last night’s success.  It’s a five game slate and I don’t plan on getting too fancy with tonight’s picks.

1. Chicago Blackhawks
As always, you must have some players fading the Sabers.  Ownership will be high but if there’s a seven goal game like last night, you’ll need some of that action.  Versteeg/Toews/Hossa is the top choice, but the second line is in play too (Sharp/Richards/Vermette).

2. San Jose Sharks
It will probably be an even mix of Sharks/Blackhawks as the top owned players tonight.  I like them both and on a small slate night I’ll have exposure to both.  I like Pavelski/Thorton/Karlson and I’m also really like the second line of Marleau/Couture/Hertl.  The second line has been hotter than the first and Arizona is one of the worst defensive teams in the league.

3. St. Louis Blues
I would guess a lot of people will have Anaheim as their third favorite tonight and I don’t blame them but I’m going to roll St. Louis.  The price of their guys is depressed compared to a month ago when they were the hottest team in the league and I want to take advantage of that against this poor Dallas defense.  The lines are jumbled but I’ll be looking at Oshie/Statsny/Schwartz more than any other line.  They had a nice night yesterday and I think they can have a big night in Dallas.

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