NHL DFS Picks, 4-2-15

Stayed off the chalk teams yesterday on a small slate, which was half successful.  Ana/Buff stack did quite well but Colorado was dreadful.  That will happen and that strategy has won me a lot of $$ this season so I’ll continue to stick with it on smaller slates.

Here is what I’m targeting for tonight’s large slate in GPP’s:

1. LA Kings
The Kings will be popular getting to face an Oilers team that got shelled last night but that’s ok.  I’ll be on the top line of Gaborik/Kopitar/Williams as well as the 2nd line of King/Carter/Toffoli.  LA scores more at home, especially their top line.  I’ll be looking to take advantage of this and mix/match them as a core part of my teams.

2. NY Islanders
Tavares has been great all season and whoever his linemates are greatly benefit.  Currently, Tavares is playing with Strome and Kulemin so I’ll be running them out (but be sure to check DailyFaceoff before game time in case that changes). The Jackets are not a good defensive team and a bad penalty kill team.  This top line should take advantage.

3. Florida Panthers
I like the Panthers to pop 3 or 4 in tonight and I’m hoping it’s their top line that does it, which is currently Huberdeau/Barkov/Jagr.  They will have some ownership, but on a large slate night they won’t see nearly what other top scoring lines will.

4. Chicago Blackhawks
The top line of Versteeg/Toews/Hossa has been rolling along pretty nicely and Vegas seems to like their chances at scoring more than three goals, as do I. Toews and Hossa have multi-goal capability and and Versteeg can pot one with Toews being a great setup man.

5. Goalies
As far as tenders go, in a GPP I’m just trying to plug-in what I can afford most times.  But in some Florida stacks, I can afford more expensive guys and I’ll be targeting Dubnyk in a few.  Quick isn’t a bad choice but he probably won’t face many shots so he’ll need to let in less than a goal to really be worth the price tag.  Again, be sure to follow DailyFaceoff for starting tenders as they do a really good job of keeping their site updated throughout the day.

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